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Greenwood Village

The City of Greenwood Village provides all the advantages of a strong tax base combined with active community members intent on preserving everything that makes this a special place.

With miles of paved trails, horse properties and expansive lots, the community has a rural feel. Yet it’s near gourmet restaurants, schools, athletic clubs, grocery stores and more.

Defined by open space, parks and greenbelts, Greenwood Village still holds on to the spirit of its rural history. Once home to orchards and dairy cows, today it’s characterized by careful planning and land annexation that has successfully controlled population density and enabled a pastoral element to thrive in the heart of Denver. The Village has effectively managed to integrate proximity to shopping, restaurants and office parks with serene surroundings.

Thoughtful Community Planning
Greenwood Village residents care about their homes, so they are active on the city’s commissions and board and serve as volunteers. The town has an extremely strong tax base that supports a wide range of city services, excellent public schools and road and landscape improvement projects. Residents take pride in their community and are active in preserving the distinctive lifestyle they enjoy here.

Greenwood Village